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gnuVocabTrain is a program that aims to train your English and/or German vocabulary so you will make progress and become an expert in your target language, all through a simple and fun process.

This small, efficient, and fun program gives you various studying modes that each bring an efficient style to your vocabulary learning. The application automatically comes with English and German, but you can add more languages and new definitions.

gnuVocabTrain includes an intelligent study mode that will draw words from a list of the terms that you most frequently get wrong. You can adjust the program to work with any combination of languages, and it includes support for special characters. Any adjustments you make within gnuVocabTrain can be assigned to different profiles, which you can easily edit later.

The program includes a vocabulary editor, a toolbar for special characters, and different study modes. For example, you can include synonyms that can be grouped by their meaning, so you may be making more progress in your studies than the statistics will let on.

You can also practice by playing an entertaining, memory-like card game, where your chosen vocabulary will be assigned to different cards that you'll need to match based on word definition or translation.
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